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Vice Finance Minister Yu Yuping inspected Yongyu bamboo industry

Updated:2015/10/21 18:27:01

    On the morning of October 20, Yu Wei Ping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of finance, rate of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Finance responsible person to come to visit Yongyu bamboo industry, city and county leaders Chen Weijun, Shen Mingquan and the relevant departments responsible for people, accompanied by inspection. Company chairman Chen Yongxing, general manager Zhou Fangping to participate in the reception.
    In Yongyu modern bamboo industry eco Museum, Chen Yongxing, chairman of the company to the remaining ministers are introduced in detail Yongyu bamboo industry in the development of bamboo industry how to make use of advanced technology, research and development and production to meet today's low carbon and environmental protection idea of green bamboo products. 
    Yu minister affirmed the Yongyu bamboo industry according to local conditions to develop green bamboo industry, adhere to the sustainable utilization of forest resources, not only in line with low carbon, environmental protection concept of sunrise industry, at the same time, create social value in stimulating employment play a positive role, practice and implementation of the important thought of the "two mountains" vivid portrayal. While also encouraging Yongyu bamboo industry in product research and development pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation, leading the industrialization of green scale, drive green bamboo products consumption more on a floor. To enhance the brand influence, to shape corporate visibility.