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Second - Locke contentment bamboo - bamboo Life Forum held

Updated:2015/11/24 14:19:13

    "World of bamboo in China, Chinese bamboo see Anji, Anji bamboo industry is" Guanghui is jinshanyinshan vivid practice in Anji on bamboo is of extraordinary significance. This morning, the second session of the content - Locke bamboo - bamboo Life Forum held in Anji Narada hotel. The summit forum by the Anji County, Zhejiang province government and the China Construction Center CBC, "urban environment design" magazine co sponsored by the China Bamboo Industry Association, China Forestry Industry Association, the international Taketo organization to support, the guests around 500 people. Forum by CBC Center China Building Peng Xiaoli, director of the chair in the related guests arrived at the scene, respectively by the Anji county magistrate Shen Mingquan, International Center for bamboo and rattan industry department deputy director Wang and Zhejiang Yongyu Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. chairman Chen Yongxing caused by the forum welcome speech.
    Chen Dong do Anji bamboo industry business representatives, the guests to briefly introduces the Anji bamboo industry development and briefly summarized the Yongyu bamboo industry of 15 years of development, also issued a sincere invitation to the scene of the designer and architect friend. Give them a warm welcome and Yongyu bamboo industry hand in hand, create new bamboo of a better life in the future.
Chen Dong of the guests to introduce the history and development of Yongyu
Yongyu bamboo industry open to warmly welcome all friends to join the green building design architect development
    In the subsequent keynote session, a famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, a famous German designer Marcus - heinsdorff have and presence of designers and bamboo loving people who talked about sharing the bamboo ecological environmental protection, bamboo material foundation for the future unlimited application possible.
Hines Dov Marcus