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Yongyu bamboo industry strategic planning training ended 2016

Updated:2015/12/3 19:10:29

    Ming, potential, excellent technique, on the first day of the month ending in 2015, Yongyu bamboo 2016 strategic planning training in Narada Resort & Hotel held. Activities were invited to the UC Berkeley MBA, Jianfeng technology management training center senior consultant Huang Xiaoyi teacher do special training. The training of the company's leadership attaches great importance to the chairman, general manager and senior management staff in various departments to participate.
Yellow teacher to do special training
Students and teachers interact with the scene
"Tao heaven and earth will act" to explain
The chairman of the company Mr. Chen Yongxing put forward higher requirements for students Yongyu
End of the training of students in large group photo
    After the training, all the students said such training very grounded and can learn to use, a lot of experience, harvest more. Just one day of training, a clear theme, enrich the contents of. Ju Yongyu characteristics of the training "please come in and go out and internal training and self promotion" to the people of diligent and pragmatic Yongyu provide a range of learning and communication platform, in order to inject new vitality into the development of Yongyu development.