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Yongyu bamboo industry sales in the 2016 R & D work conference

Updated:2016/1/6 10:11:23

    At the beginning of the new year, the dream of flying. Recently, the "new normal new opportunities battle 2016" Yongyu bamboo industry marketing research and development work conference held at the headquarters of a building. Company management, Business Research Institute and the division of sales, R & D team of staff attended the meeting.
    Over the past year, the company's management actively facing the complex economic situation at home and abroad, the initiative to adapt to the new normal. To grasp the new opportunities brought a new norm, the new economy, to achieve a contrarian growth. 2016 is the beginning of China's economic 45 years, the central government put forward the "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing five development concept, public entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples' shuangchuang written into the government work report as two engines of China's economy. In this innovative tide, Yongyu bamboo industry will continue to grasp the opportunity, innovation and development, steady growth.
    The meeting by the chairman of the company Mr. Chen Yongxing to do the theme of the report. , chairman of a profound analysis of the opportunities and challenges faced by 2016 economic situation at home and abroad and the bamboo industry, deployed in 2016, the company's marketing strategy, research and development strategy and brand operation strategy. Each division head, sales executives to share with you, the exchange of 2016 of their respective strategic and tactical.
    Finally, the general manager Zhou Fangping entitled "general mobilization report targeted ningxinjuli battle 2016". In 2016, the company will be the engine of sales, quality and innovation for the dual drive to achieve innovation and development, steady growth of the strategic objectives of the year. The battle has sounded the clarion call, all Yongyu will to the spirit of "professionalism, collaboration, rigorous and pragmatic" Yongyu, with full enthusiasm into work in 2016, altogether builds the bamboo dream, with the spectrum of a new chapter!