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YOYU elements has perfectly performed in G20 summit

Updated:2016/9/12 16:36:08

G20 summit is global economic cooperation forum which is initially established by Ministers Of Finance from G8 in Berlin on 25th, September 1999, and was first held in Washington City. It is one kind of unofficial communication mechanism, consisted of its original G8 and other 12 grand economics. The 11th summit of G20 has been held successfully in Hongzhou City of Zhejiang Province. “Starting from this new age, China will insist on driving a GREEN development economy model forward unswervingly to seek a better quality and benefit. We are constantly carrying out strategy of sustainable development and keeping on a cycle of development of GO GREEN&LOW CARBON, and sticking to the basic state policy of saving resources and environmental protection. China promotes green development as to deal with the issue of climate variation and capacity overhang actively.”Mr president Xi Jinping indicated in the opening ceremony of B20.
Following the spirit of green development, Chen Yongxing, the chairman of YOYU group, leads YOYU bamboo company to an ecological friendly firm by using the excellent environmental advantage of Anji County. YOYU has been developing a great many of categories of bamboo products with sufficient bamboo resource of Anji in the passed 16 years and become an outstanding company among Anji GREEN industrial manufacturers.
Maybe a lot of people still don’t know how many YOYU products have been used throughout the whole G20 summit conncil houses and hotels. Well,please let me show you YOYU products 
If you watch the CCTV NEWS BROADCAST of 5th Sept. very carefully, you will find out these two articles highlighted on the picture underneath:
Did you find it now? They are bamboo coasters and used by heads of states to put water glasses and tea cups on them. This coaster is made of YOYU high-durable bamboo. It is a talented design which is inspired by the appearance of “Broken Bridge”, a famous landscape scenery of Impressive Of The West Lake. As a manner to realize a green theme, there are many YOYU eco-friendly bamboo material has been adopted for multiply decoration, not only in the G20 summit main conncil houses,but also in hotels. Please enjoy them one by one shown as below:
1.Bamboo wall decoration artwork
2.Perfect integration of bamboo screen and kirigami
3.YOYU outdoor decking element
4.Bamboo dining room element
YOYU bamboo elements has been perfectly integrated in this summit as a Chinese characteristic symbol. The green property of bamboo and its green industrial development idea is deeply consistent with the green themes of this G20 summit, such as low carbon,green, sustainable development. Proudly speaking, the connotation of G20 green theme is exactly consistent with what YOYU brand values, which is the essential idea of YOYU. Right here, YOYU is chosen to take part in supplying G20 summit fortunately. It is indeed a kind of great chance and honor for YOYU to put on its performance and value in this world-class stage as well. As YOYU elements exhibit gradually in G20, it also shows YOYU has spare no effort to support this summit.